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Knuckle Sandwich

American Bistro at the Pollard Bed and Breakfast

Based on the principle that less is more, Knuckle Sandwich only does a few things, but we do them very, very well.  The newest edition to downtown features handmade bread and butter.  Whereas most places will trumpet they have spared no expense-

we will tell you that we have spared no effort.  

tale of the tape


KnuckleBread is made by hand- cut by hand.  If you dont like homemade bread, we keep a few croissants handy.

Vegetables and Meats

The freshest red leaf lettuce, roma tomatoes, red onions, Ham, Chicken Salad, Turkey, Bacon, and Roasted Chicken


Mild cheddar, Pepper-Jack, Havarti-Gouda, Feta, Romano-Parmesean


Tomato Bisque-  With grilled Spanish artichoke heart, topped with dashes of cognac and cream

Shrimp Etouffee-  A creamy, cheese-based comfort served over Basmati Rice.

Missing Tooth-

Blueberry Scone-  Made fresh, unlike any other.

HeavyWeight Champ of Cookies

Refferee's pre fight instructions

  • ​Pick a size (Whole or Half) bread, meat, veggies and cheese

  • All sandwiches not named "Chicken Salad" come with Haymaker Mayo

  • All meats not named  "Bacon" are deli thin sliced

  • All mustard options (regular, spicy brown, deli) are optional

  • All cheeses are grated

  • Choices on left do not affect price below

  • The price is the price.  Tea, Water or Coffee and tax included.

The Title- 14

Whole + Bowl + Missing Tooth

Split Decisions

Half + Cup-      9

Whole + Cup-  11

Sandwiches   5 / 9 

Soups          4 / 6

Missing Tooth    2

Wednesday - Sunday
10:30 - 3pm
or until we run out of food