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Three men, Eugene Beyer, Arno Owen Byer and Arthur A. Beyer (all from Germany) that came in the Oklahoma land run, after settling in Missouri, received 160 acres of land at Seward. Arthur became interested in banking and served as head book-keeper at Capital National Bank. In 1902, Beyers and friends chartered Guthrie Savings Bank.


A building permit was issued in 1903 for the $10,000 Eager-Hirzel Building. The red brick, three story building with a full basement housed Guthrie Savings Bank until 1929. The middle portion of the building was a dress cutting school and the north part was a telegraph office. Through the years, the building contained a restaurant and electrical supply store. It has also provided offices and commercial space to a variety of enterprises.


The Capitol National Bank, with a deposit of $1,500,000.00  failed, causing anxiety and grave concern not only in Guthrie, but throughout Oklahoma territory. Many smaller banks in Oklahoma carried accounts and reserves with Capitol National Bank.


The collapse of a number of banks in Oklahoma. In the wake of this were numerous mergers, liquidations and failures. The Bank of Indian Territory was absorbed by the Guthrie National crowd. Later the Bank of Commerce was taken into the folks off Guthrie National. When the smoke cleared, The First National Bank (formerly Guthrie National) and the Guthrie Savings Bank were the only two remaining and prospering.

1904 - 1927

Louis Hirzel, brother of Fred and 1/2 owner of Hirzel Brothers grocery, lived over the grocery store until his death in 1927. The Hotel Pollard building was built to serve as 1st State Bank on the corner, yet also housed several other businesses.

1920 - 1930

The First State Bank was housed in the Pollard Inn building. It had outgrown its building at 124 W. Harrison, which it had occupied for 27 years. On January 17, 1930, a special section of the Daily Leader announced the new home.

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